Past Meetings

From Our Historian Meeting of four Hours


May 11, 2019  Brother Jamie Rocafort does Masonic Case Presentation No. 2 and presents Mason Canes 

Masonic Education


 Brother Jamie Rocafort did the Masonic Cane lecture from St. John's Lodge in Puerto Rico and presented Worshipful Mark L. Mason the Master's walking stick and Masonic pocket Watch. The Lodge received a Tubulcain Walking stick to hang in Liberty Lodge. March 10, 2018

Road Sign


after a year we have our name in front of the Lodge

May 12 2018 Award


Worshipful Mark L. Mason presented Kevin Sapio his Certification and Purple card for Completion of the Masonic LOTC coarse

Master's achievement Award


 Past Master Earl W. Dennis, JR. was awarded a Gavel Plaque for his Service as Master in the UD and Chartered Lodge in 2017. Presented on March 10, 2018  

Installation 2018


R:.W:.Gerry Gousher,PDDGM  installing 2018 officers

3 Principle Officers for Liberty Lodge No. 412 at Grand Communication 2018


 Worshipful Mark Mason

Senior Warden Tom Haber

Junior Warden Ken Ammons

October 13, 2018 our DDGM Visit


Our District Deputy Grand Master with Worship Mark Mason and Liberty Lodge Officers

Grand Lodge of Florida presented Liberty Lodge No. 412 Masonic Education Plaque for 2017 and 2018



55 years Pin and Certificates


On October 13, 2018, Worshipful Mark L. Mason presented Brother Richard Benson with his 55 year Pin and certificate from The Grand Lodge Of Florida

Brother Jamie Rocafort does Masonic Case Presentation No. 2 and presents Mason Canes to members in our Lodge and to the Worshipful Of Manatee No.31. Special Masonic Case to PM Mark Mason



Brother Gerald Carmona


Presented this hand crafted showcase for the Our Masonic Cane that was donated by Brother Jamie Rocafort